From Brooklyn to Florida and Las Vegas and now in Greeley Colorado, Red, (David Cohen), has been creating culinary delights for all taste buds for the past 25 plus years. Red and his wife Beverly have brought together the simple pleasures in life with Red's favorite foods, "Hot dogs and Donuts".

Red's Dogs and Donuts

Who would have thought this combination of hot dogs and donuts would put this many smiles on all the faces that dare to walk through Red's doors…but we are here to tell you the combination works. Red believes in going back in time to yesterdays prices and baking everything fresh daily. In Brooklyn where Red grew up it was a melting pot of family owned businesses, offering every ethnic food known and made fresh daily, this insight from the past is what you will receive everyday at Red's. Red believes in offering the freshest, finest ingredients available at the lowest possible prices.

Red's Dogs are a Jumbo Hebrew National only the finest natural ingredients will work for this hot dog and can be served as a "Meal Deal", a hot dog, large fountain soda and a DONUT! It works!

When was the last time you ate those delicious roasted Turkey Legs that you remember eating at the carnival? Come feast your eyes and please your taste buds with Red's original roasted Turkey Legs, a seasonal favorite served all day.

Red's Dogs & Donuts has two distinct categories of Potato Doughnuts and Donuts, First is our "Classic" Simply the basics, which includes Potato Doughnuts, Cake Donuts, Glazed, icing & Sprinkles. Second is our "Evolved" our most Unique & Original varieties which includes seasonal fresh fruit fritters, PB&J's, Chocolate and Cream Cheese frosted Cinnamon Rolls and a Specialty Potato Doughnuts filled with apples and cinnamon, maple icing and crispy bacon, some have called this concoction "The Baconater", plus much more and always evolving to surprise and delight!

How many of you remember "Potato Doughnuts"?

"Potato Doughnuts" will take you back to 1940 through the 1980's, where "Potato Doughnuts" were featured across the Country as a warm, glazed doughnut made from potato flour. Something old is now something new at Red's Dogs & Donuts. "Potato Doughnuts" come in cake and raised doughnuts with many different toppings, all "hand forged" made daily with potato flour, a hint of lemon and nutmeg. Introducing "SpudBuddies", a bitesize "Potato Doughnuts" you can't eat just one!!!

Kolache's have recently been added to the Red's unique menu, a flash from the past. A warm, delicious, slightly sweet fresh-baked pastry roll traditionally filled with meat, eggs and cheese, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Best Bagel dogs you have ever tasted, both plain and jalapeno, Bagel Egg sandwiches, and at Red's we serve them all day, or untill we run out.

Potato Doughnuts Press Release!

Something old is now something new in Greeley.Mmmm "Potato Doughnuts"

A not so quiet Donut shop, Red's Dogs & Donuts in Greeley, Colorado has decided to "take a walk down memory lane" and launch Red's version of The "Original Potato Doughnuts". Some may ask what is a "Potato Doughnuts"? A dreamy doughnut made with potato flour, makes this confection light and airy on the inside, yet crisp on the outside, with a hint of lemon and nutmeg. This sugar glazed and chocolate topped delicacies are well known among the war babies and boomers in the late fifties. By the mid 40's there were over 200 Potato Doughnuts Stores across the Country and one in 1957 in Greeley, Colorado.

David Cohen, (better known as "Red" at Red's Dogs & Donuts, located at 2608 11th Ave. Greeley, Colorado) and his wife Beverly launched the "Original Potato Doughnuts."

Red's Dogs & Donuts opened May 1st, 2009 and offers 60 varieties of "hand-forged" doughnuts and 16 varieties of Hot dogs, both beef and buffalo. A rather unique item offered at Red's are Kolaches, Red's signature cupcake is Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. These are special order. Please call 970-353-2400 to place your order.

Red says, while customers come to relax with friends or by themselves to enjoy a cup of Joe, (Red's serves Boyers coffee a long time Colorado Company), read the newspaper, eat a donut or specialty roll, dine on a foot long specialty hot dog meal deal, (which includes a drink and choice of chips or a doughnut), you can now add the "Original Potato Doughnuts", "Spudbuddies" (a bite size Potato Doughnuts) and "Spud Rolls" to the "Red's" experience.

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