When is Red's Dogs & Donuts Open?
Red's Dogs & Donuts is open from

Tuesday - Friday 5:30am to 4pm
Saturday 5:30am to 7pm
Sunday 6am to 4pm
Closed on Monday

Does Red's deliver?
Yes,visit www.orderup.com in northern Colorado to place your order

Does Red's ship Doughnuts?
No. Red's doughnuts are made fresh daily and meant to consume that day. Red's pride themselves on serving everything fresh, therefore doughnuts are not shipped.

Is Red's Dogs & Donuts a franchise?
No, but we have Business Opportunities Available, Call for details, 970-353-2400

How did Red's Dogs & Donuts come by such a combination of Hotdogs & Donuts?
Dogs and Donuts are the favorite foods of Founder Red. Red has owned restaurants in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Florida, and really appreciates the simple things in life, hot dogs and donuts. Red grew up in Brooklyn and spent many summers at Coney Island eating hot dogs and donuts. Red eats as many hot dogs and donuts as Mrs. Red will let him.

Red's First Annual Hot dog Eating Contest, July 4th, 2009.
Red's Dogs & Donuts held their first hot dog eating contest at The Greeley Stampede on July 4th, 2009. El Chili Dog was the winner, eating 8 dogs in 5 minutes.

What Can You expect From a Donut From Red's?
Red's Dogs & Donuts has two distinct categories of Potato Doughnuts and Donuts, First is our "Classic" Simply the basics, which includes Potato Doughnuts, Cake Donuts, Glazed, icing & Sprinkles. Second is our "Evolved" our most Unique & Original varieties which includes seasonal fresh fruit fritters, PB&J's, Chocolate and Cream Cheese frosted Cinnamon Rolls and a Specialty Potato Doughnuts filled with apples and cinnamon, maple icing and crispy bacon, some have called this concoction "The Baconater", plus much more and always evolving to surprise and delight!

What type of Hotdogs is served at Red's?
Red's serves only the "Very Best" hotdogs. Red's all-beef Hebrew National footlong hotdogs are made with Premium Cuts of Kosher Beef and have NO fillers or by-products, NO artificial flavors or colors, the Kosher Difference.

What is a Bison Hotdog?
Bison is Buffalo, an excellent source of Protein & Iron and naturally low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. A great alternative for the health conscious consumer.

What other items are offered at Red's Dogs & Donuts?
Potato Doughnuts and SpudBuddies, a potato flour doughnut and bitesize doughnut. Bagels, and Bagel Sandwiches are served all day. Don't be a turkey, try Red's Roasted Turkey Legs, a meal all by itself.. Red's offers a Jumbo Cupcake for parties on special order in many flavors. Stop by our shop for a quick "pick me up" with our fresh fruit Smoothies, hot chocolate smoothies .Kolache's are the newest addition at Red's, an eastern European specialty, baked fresh daily.

What is a Kolache?
A Kolache is a warm, delicious, slightly sweet fresh yeast-baked pastry roll traditionally filled with meat, eggs and cheese. They are baked fresh daily from scratch, using the finest, freshest ingredients. We carry different varieties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you try them you will be hooked!

Does Red's Cater?
Yes, we offer catering services. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for large orders, as everything is baked fresh to order.

We offer daily our Red's 6 hotdog or 12 hotdog deal, your favorite all beef hotdog with a choice of chips or donuts, a special low price, perfect for office lunches or meetings, call ahead and we will have ready in minutes.

Red's offers Bagels with many different flavors.

Are Spudnuts gluten free?
Our Spudnuts are not gluten free and contain some wheat flour.