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Open Tuesday - Friday 5:30am to 4:00pm

Open Saturday 5:30am to 7:00pm

Open Sunday 6:00am to 4:00pm

Red's Wacky Waffle Menu

Naked Waffle - $3.79
Syrup - Butter

Cinna Bear - $4.79
Cinnamon Sugar, Syrup, Whip Topping
The Nut Job - $4.79
Peanut Butter, Choc. Chips, Whip Topping
The Elvis - $5.79
Peanut Butter, Banana, Raspberry Topping,
Choc. Syrup
Captain Waffle - $4.79
Marshmallow Fluff, Cereal, Syrup
Twitter Treats - $4.79
Cream Cheese Topping, Carmel, M&M’s
Strawberry Fields - $4.79
Strawberry Fruit Topping, Whip Topping
The Eifel Tower - $6.79
Choc. Sauce,
Strawberry Fruit Topping, Bananas, Nuts, Whip Topping
Fruit Freak - $6.79
2 Fruit Toppings,
Whip Topping
The Social Network - $6.79
Waffle Sandwich, Nutella, Raspberry Topping,
Whip Topping
Boston Cream - $6.79
Bavarian Crème, Chocolate Syrup, Whip Topping
Egg Xpress - $6.79
Scrambled Egg, Bacon, or Sausage, Syrup
Make Your Own - $5.79
Waffle & 3 Toppings
(Does not include Eggs or Meat)

Additional Toppings .79 each
Egg 1.50 each
Bacon, Sausage or Ham 1.50 each

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